I am a graduate of the Israelite Rabbinical Academy which is based in New York City. I graduated and was ordained June 25, 2005 at Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation. It was a momentous occasion because there were no black Rabbis ordained in Chicago since 1992. It is truly an honor to carry on the legacy of our Great Rabbis who preceded me. I am currently a member here where I serve as Gabbai, Baal Koreh and lead prayer services on various Sabbaths. I bring the message every fourth Sabbath of the month. Additional dutiesincludes captain of Shomreem (security) and drummer for our band. I am available for lectures and consultation and can be reached via e-mail. Avrahamb12@sbcglobal.net

I attended DeVry Institute of Technology where I received an Associates in Applied Electronics Degree. I graduated from DeVry in 1989 and became employed with Motorola Corporation until current. I became very knowledgeable in the area of real estate when I became a realtor. I was licensed to sell life insurance but I did not pursue it. The wealth of financial information I attained while doing the business was great.

Personal comments
I am delighted to be doing the service of the Most High. I get great pleasure out of influencing people’s lives in a positive way and sharing my knowledge of Torah to the community. I am very anxious to get deeper involved in the growth of our community. This is a life long study for me but I know that as long as we have Great men around such as our Chief Rabbi Cappers Funnye and the Elders of our community, I am sure I will continue to improve my knowledge of Torah and become very effective in the Israelite community.

I am married to a very beautiful woman Leah Baht Ysrael (Louveria Burks) who has been very instrumental in my life. I have two wonderful daughters Monique and Dominique whom I love very much. And last but certainly not least a beautiful Grandbaby Kamari who is so adorable. I enjoy reading, basketball and playing the drums and I look forward to traveling the world to continue the work of the Most High.